29 November 2015

The current network does not comply with this unit standard

Warning! The current network does not comply with this unit standard.

what should i do?

Just put 2 sim card in slots. Done! :)

07 February 2015

Maximum RAM on your computer with RAM PATCH

RAM PATCH is a software develop by russian programmer
which is can enable more RAM on your computer using  
Windows 7 32Bit (x86) OS  for maximum use.

Note:  You may delete, check/disable Intel hd graphic
if  not work or google for more info.



» GO!!!

04 February 2015

How to download torrent directly

How to download torrent directly without using torrent client?

1. First copy link

2. paste URL link .torrent file or info_hash into box

Get link and Start download torrent fast and directly
by click go button below :)

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03 February 2015

Astro HD universe

Enjoy your fav FOX HD,FOX Family movies HD,
FOX Action Movies HD CHs & more.
FREE preview till 28Feb!#AstroHDUnivers


16 October 2011



1. Remove malware and spyware.

Download programs such as ad-aware and spybot to remove these. They are hidden programs that take information from your computerand will slow it down by running in the background.

2. End unneeded processes.

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