19 March 2011


Program: Mmm+
Version: 2.02
File size: 782.39kb
Operating system: WinXP Only!

A unique utility that lets you finally clean up your windows menu.
Remove items you never use, and move items you rarely use
out on a sub-menu.Apart from of course working all the places
that Mmm FREE works, Mmm+ also works many other places
around your desktop. It also works with a growing number of
other applications such as Internet Explorer & Outlook Express.
Additionally it comes with some useful and nifty extras that will
make life easier.

For example:
You can run Mmm+ in a special 'tray-mode' that will use a lot
less memory/resources compared to Mmm FREE.

Mmm+ supports wildcards. This is a powerful feature that lets
you move/remove menu-items that change their names. Many
compression and virus programs will add items like these to
the menu. And they change names depending on what object
you click on. Wildcards will move/remove all such items. In
Mmm+ you can select the color of the Mmm menu-bar. You
can even opt to not show the colored Mmm bar - making the
menus even smaller.


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