24 March 2011

KEMULATOR LITE (Play Mobile Games on your PC)

Java has got its way into mobile phones. Mobile Java apps make your cell phone
more productive as these apps can be used as software, screen savers, games, etc.

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But now, since there are so many apps, especially pirated ones, its hard to  decide
which app to choose. It would be better if we could test the app on out PC before
installing it on a mobile.

Luckily, for us,   there is a simple app which allows  us to   run Java  Applications
meant  for mobile,   on you   PC  (Personal Computer).   KEmulator Lite is a free
emulator that runs your mobile apps on a Windows environment.

With this, you can play any mobile game in JAR format.  It even runs some mobile
software. Now, you can test your mobile applications on your  PC and  even play
some mobile games when you get bored.

Password: gomokblog


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