15 March 2011


 It’s not easy to look at all of the photos on every news 
outlet of Japan after last week’s 8.9/9.0 magnitude 
earthquake, which resulted in blackouts, fire, and a 

  We’ve seen hundreds of shots from the ground, 
and a good amount of aerial views of before and after 
the event. To really get the scope of the tsunami and 
the earthquake’s destruction, ABC News has posted  a 
page of photos entitled “Japan Earthquake: before and 
after”, which shows aerial photos taken over Japan that 
really let you see the magnitude of damage in a unique way.


 The satellite photos allow you to hover over each one to 
reveal the scale of devastation across a number of suburbs. 
By dragging your mouse from the right to the left, you can 
see the before and after photos in one frame. The shots also
show tens of thousands of homes and businesses, most of 
which are no longer standing in the after-shots.

ABC News got the high resolution images from Google’s 

DigitalGlobe GeoEye. According to Google’s Lat Long Blog, 
the company has worked with its satellite imagery providers 
to get the latest available data of the areas affected most by 
the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami. 
You can also download the KML file and explore it in Google Earth.

Google also encourages you to explore the imagery with 

Google Maps, or by checking out the Picasa album of 
before and after aerial shots. A sample of the Picasa 
photos is shown above.

Google said it’s working to provide this data directly 
to response organizations on the ground in hope that 
it will aid in their efforts.

More at ABC News

Title sources: new japan tsunami video youtube 2011


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