01 December 2010

Virtual DJ PRO 7


Multi Deck:
  • support for up to 99 decks
  • include skins for 4 and 6 decks
  • support both true multi-deck logic or mini-decks with left/right zoom logic


  • new Advanced Audio Config panel with line by line configuration
  • Line-in/Mic support with effects, waveform display, beat-matching
  • Instant record of Line-in or Mic for replay and scratch
  • Rewire support
  • new master tempo engine
  • new PureScratch engine
  • low-latency audio on Vista and Win7 when using Advanced Audio Config
  • new built-in resonant filter on each decks

Database Management:

  • new GenuisDJ algorithm
  • new FileInfo window with multi-files tag and rename
  • save to ID3 tags (or mp4 tags) option
  • new browser fields (composer, rating, custom fields)
  • support for nested virtual folders
  • easy drag-n-drop management of virtual/favorite/smart folders
  • automatically renew and manage Netsearch DRMs before it expires
  • new zoom mode for temporary fullscreen browser
  • new integrated audio preview of browsed songs

Video engine:

  • improved H.264 decoder
  • new overvideo action for multideck configs
  • access to more than 2Gb of memory on Vista and Win7

Record and Broadcast:

  • Video codec list for video record (on PC)
  • support for ICECAST2 broadcast
  • record loopback and mic recording are now set in the Advanced Audio Config


  • Plug-and-play support for more than 80 controllers
  • support Hot-plug and unplug of controllers automatically

Skin engine:

  • <panel visible=\"VDJScript\">
  • <element os=\"mac\">, <element os=\"pc\">
  • <text format=\"\"> can use execution (`) operator (<text format=\"Deck `get leftdeck`\">)
  • skin engine can parse mathematical expressions in the xml: <pos x=\"42+3*500\" ...>
  • <init action=\"...\">
  • <rhythmzone> (like <rhythm> but new simpler syntax based on color values instead of images, see the default 4deck skin for examples)
  • can have multiple <browser> in panels
  • can use <center x=\"\" y=\"\"> instead of <pos x=\"\" y=\"\">
  • improved font replacement on Mac


  • new action \"get text\" with unix-style execution operator (inverted quote): ` (get text \"The filesize is `get filesize`, playing is `play` and volume is `volume`.\")
  • new actions \"get loaded_song \'column\' \", \"get browsed_song \'column\' \", \"get automix_song \'column\' \" wherecolumn is the name of the browser column (see <columns> in Languages/english.xml for the list)
  • new/modified actions: \"play_sync\", \"play_onbeat\", \"play_sync_onbeat\"
  • can use cue names instead of numbers in \"got_cue\", \"set_cue\", etc...
  • many new actions, see Languages/english.xml for the complete list

File Type: RAR
File Size: -


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