03 April 2010

RapidShare Download Accelerator v1.2

RapidShare Download Accelerator v1.2

Ever had to download multiple free files from RapidShare only to realize they make it nearly impossible unless you have a paid account. With RapidShare Download Accelerator, you can add all the files you'd like to download, and it will do all the annoying work for you. Now you can just sit back and watch your files download without paying a dime.

MICROSOFT.NET Framework is required to run this program.

Click here to Download RapidShare Download Accelerator v1.2

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Version 1.3 Updates
- Verifies file size after file is downloaded.
- Fixed bug where speed and bytes downloaded display became frozen.
- Add new icon.

Version 1.2 Updates
- Add modified to support any line of text with a rapidshare link in it (such as a mirrored link)
- Batch Add modified to support any text with rapidshare links within it (such as a copy/paste from viewsource)
- More stability when encountering in & out wifi internet connections.
- Now saves pending downloads list & download folder.

Version 1.1 Updates
- Batch Add button so you can copy and paste in a couple lines of rapidshare download links
- Up and Down buttons have been added to change the list order
- Stop button has been fixed


Anonymous said...

No longer work! sorry mate

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