14 August 2009

INSTALL CFW ON PSP (without a Pandora battery trick)

Warning!! make sure you do this on a PSP that will accept
PSP   Custom   Firmware flashing   otherwise you will brick
your PSP!!! PSP-3000’s w ill  not take  CFW.

To  make  sure it  can,  install ChickHEN first, then when
ChickHEN is loaded  run  PSPident from    the    Game  
menu  and    make   a note of your PSP’s  Motherboard
version. (PSPIdent gets installed with easy installer)  find
your PSP’s motherboard on the graph below on whether
you can hack your psp or not.

STEPS: to install CFW on a PSP without a Pandora battery.

1. Check and triple Check you have a hackable PSP that you
can install  custom firmware onto  without Bricking your PSP.
Make sure you have a  PSP that’s  not a  TA-88v3 or above
or is a PSP-3000 if so DO NOT proceed!!!  You will  brick
your PSP.

2. Run the easy installer and direct it to your Memory stick Pro Duo root.

3. If you don’t have PSP Official firmware 5.03 installed,  Download  the
file below ‘5.03 Official eboot’ Make a folder called UPDATE and put it
in your PSP’s GAME folder then place the 5.03 eboot inside that folder.

4. Go to Game on your PSP and run the 5.03 update

5. Now lets run ChickHEN to have a homebrew enabled environment.

6. On your PSP go to photo then click the ChickHEN photo and wait. If
the PSP jams,  please  retry.   If it flashes colours and   reboots you have
loaded ChicKHEN. Check your system  information in the  PSP  settings
option to be sure it say’s 5.03 ChickHEN R2.

7. Now with your PSP  rebooted in   ChickHEN  go to your  PSP XMB
game menu and run ‘Hellcats Recovery Flasher’ and then ‘install 5.00 M33!!!
Your PSP will reboot, follow the instuctions to install PSP  Custom  Firmware
5.00 M33. After your done you can update to 5.00 M33-6

You could also watch the video below brought to you by hendrickson on
How To Install CFW on a PSP without a Pandora battery ChickHEN.


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