01 December 2010

10 Facts About AlertPay

10 Facts About AlertPay

Wondering what you can do with AlertPay? The sky is the limit! You can use your AlertPay account for many reasons:

1. Send Remittances

Send money to anyone in any of the 190+ countries we support for FREE!

2. Exchange Currency

For a low 2.5% spread over the daily rate, exchange your currency to make cross-border purchases.

3. Earn Money

Make extra cash by referring people to AlertPay.

4. Manage An Online Business

Manage payments for one or more online businesses with a Business account.

5. Send Invoices

Send a friendly reminder to request money from friends, family and buyers.

6. Deposit And Withdraw Money

Withdraw your payments or credit your e-wallet to shop online or send money.

7. Pay Salaries, Commissions, Referral Rewards And Bonuses

Pay several people at once.

8. Work Under Your Company Name

Work under a business name if you want to keep your personal details personal.

9. Expand Your Customer Base

Increase your customer volume by offering more payment options.

10. Shop Online With A Credit Card

Use your credit card to make secure instant payments to any of our online sellers.

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